Filling Your Apartment with Fall Decor

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Fall has officially graced us with its presence in the District – at least according to the calendar. You wouldn’t know it by taking a step outside the front door. The lingering heat and humidity obviously haven’t received the hint that it is time to make way for cooler temps. As it’s finally time to bust out the fall décor in your apartment!

Here are just a few ways to fill your apartment with the sights and smells of the year's best season. Now grab a pumpkin spice latte and that sweater you love and get to finding the perfect autumn décor!

  • Bring the Outside In
    • One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make it feel more like autumn in your living room is to bring natural elements inside. Go outside, collect some pine cones, and put them in a large glass jar on top of a mantle or shelf. Gather some gorgeous red and brown leaves and place them in a glass shadowbox frame to hang on the wall. Of course, the most classic way to bring the beauty of fall indoors is by going to your local pumpkin patch and picking up some pumpkins and gourds to place casually around your apartment.
  • Break Out the Blankets
    • There’s nothing better than cozying up with a gorgeous blanket on a lazy Netflix-on-the-couch kind of day when it's crisp outside. To create a “fall vibe” in your home, go for classic prints, like plaid, and materials, like chunky cable knit.
  • Swap Out Your Pillows
    • Nothing can transform your couch quicker than a simple pillow swap. Switch your bright-hued throw pillows out for ones in shades of orange, brown, green, and red. Throw a couple of knit or mix-and-match plaid pillows on there to give your living room a fall makeover.
  • Hang Up a Fall Wreath
    • Autumn is the season of wreaths. Go to your local craft store to pick up materials to DIY your own. By making your own fall wreath you can stylize it exactly the way that you want to showcase your own personality. 
  • Create a Fall Centerpiece
    • With the arrival of fall, you’ll likely be eating in more often — so why not have a beautiful place to sit down and enjoy food by? Decorate your table with a centerpiece made from fall flowers, pumpkins, leaves, pine cones, and of course, candles. 
  • Candles, Candles Everywhere
    • As the days get grayer and colder, you’ll need a little more light in your house to lift your spirits. Gather tea lights, votives, and big glass jars of fall-scented candles to really make your apartment feel like an autumn haven. Just don’t forget to blow them out before you go out or go to bed!

Enjoy the fall with these decor tips and ideas.  Bring in warmth and enjoy your home before it is bustling with activity for the winter holiday!

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